Our new updated version of BearExtender PC is here!

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Just in time for the holidays we have released an updated 2015 version of our BearExtender PC USB Wi-Fi range extender. This is version 3 of this product line with the first one released in 2010 and v2 released in 2013.

So what's new? Well for starters, if you already own our v2 model the specs are all the same. We had already basically maxed out power as allowed by the FCC with our v2. So if you are happy with your v2, upgrading will not result in better range. Think of our v3 more as a revision to the product line than a major upgrade.

Among changes we made- the RP-SMA antenna connector has been moved to the top of the unit. This came from user feedback that sometimes when used with higher gain antennas the adapter would topple or turn on its side, and it was tough to keep some antennas upright. With our new circuit board design, the RP-SMA port is now centered on the product for better stability.

We have also changed the USB cable length from 2 feet to 4 feet. We found 4 feet gives desktop users greater flexibility to put the product up on a table top, while not being too long to become a tripping hazard for mobile/laptop users.

Finally, we changed the surface texture- that shiny reflective style showing all the finger prints was so 2013. Our newer smooth textured surface better fits with today's laptop and desktop PC designs.

For those looking for a holiday bargain, we will be closing out remaining 2013 v2 inventory at a special price through December 31st or while supplies last.

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