Bearifi Edge Mesh speeds past Google, Eero, Linksys, and Netgear!

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The reviews are in, and Bearifi Edge Mesh speeds past the heavyweight brands like the Google Home Mesh Wi-Fi System, the Eero, and even Netgear Orbi and Linksys Velop.

These numbers are taken from a test completed by Dong Ngo, of, a CNET Technology Editor for 18 years. Above we see a speed test completed at long distance for Bearifi Edge Mesh vs. comparable AC1200 mesh extenders from Netgear, Linksys, Eero, and Google. These numbers are taken from page two of the review, from a graph that shows both long range (40+ ft) and short range (<10 ft) speed. We omitted the 10 ft. test results for purposes of relevance and clarity because all five were somewhat comparable at 10 ft, and most buyers won't use their devices within 10 ft of the extender. We also omitted results from products not in the same class, such as more expensive AC2100 and Triband products from the same manufacturers.

In this testing at 40 ft, Bearifi Edge Mesh beat out it's four main AC1200 rivals with considerably faster speed over increased distance. 

Bearifi Edge Mesh features more than 10 years worth of award-winning BearExtender™ range extension technology designed to give you faster speeds over increased distances, to provide better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. The above test shows how Bearifi Edge Mesh compared to comparable AC1200 Mesh dual band products from the listed brands. Comparisons to triband models are not included as results are not comparable to more expensive triband mesh hardware.

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