Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor 2.4 Ghz booster wins top spot at RV Expertise

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If you are in the market for an outdoor USB Wi-Fi adapter and antenna combo to hook up to your Microsoft Windows PC, the web site RV Expertise recommends Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor as its "Best RV WiFi Booster of 2020."

This product can extend the WiFi range of any Microsoft Windows PC running Vista or newer operating system. And if you have Microsoft Windows 10, you can use the Mobile Hotspot feature to share the signal as your own private hotspot that multiple devices in your RV can use, including a cell phone or smart TV. 

Check out RV Expertise today for the latest information on RV parks around the country. They even have pages of information dedicated to various RV parts you will find useful in your travels, as well as links to the best RVs if you have not pulled the trigger and purchased one yet. Hit the road with confidence!

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