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Seamless coverage

Bearifi Edge Mesh is like being able to put your WiFi router in several places of your house at once. Put Bearifi Edge Mesh AP Router where your old router is. Then place Bearifi Edge Satellites where you need a boost.

Need more than one Satellite? Extra Satellite units can be purchased individually.

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Speeding past the competition

A recent independent speed test shows Bearifi Edge Mesh outperforming other top brands of AC1200 dual band mesh extenders including Google Home WiFi and Eero.

Stay connected in all kinds of weather

Perfect for campgrounds and marinas.

Bearifi Outdoor AC is new for 2018. Featuring a directional 10 dBi antenna, 16 feet of USB cable, and a higher power internal Wi-Fi amplifier, you can get stronger signals on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

Bearifi Outdoor AC is for Microsoft Windows PCs and extends only the range of the PC to which it is connected.

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