Microsoft Windows support for legacy BearExtender Mac products

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Over the summer we announced our legacy BearExtender Mac USB products excluding BearExtender Turbo would not be supported in the new version of Mac OS El Capitan (10.11). As can often happen in the technology world, older hardware may not work with newer operating system updates and it may not be possible for manufacturers to update software for older products indefinitely. In this specific case, the reason we won't have an El Capitan update is not because we just don't want to, but rather our programmers can do all but update the proprietary kernel extension which is done by the chipset maker. Because the chipset maker has discontinued the chip, a compatible extension will not be released despite our attempts to negotiate.

Some of you have asked about being able to use your older Mac products on Microsoft Windows computers, and the good news is that is something our programmers can control. BearExtender legacy Mac USB products can now be used on Microsoft Windows computers. To add additional life to your product, our new PC drivers on our BearExtender PC support page allow our legacy Mac USB products including the original BearExtender, BearExtender Mini, and BearExtender 1200 to be used on PCs. We have taken this step to add new life and worth to your older BearExtender products. We understand you would have preferred El Capitan support but unfortunately that was not possible. We thank you for supporting BearExtender and if you have any questions or concerns, please visit our support page for phone and email contact information.

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