Bearifi Edge Mesh: a low cost alternative to the Amazon Eero

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With news breaking yesterday that Amazon has acquired Eero, a maker of Wi-Fi mesh home extensions systems, we have received some inquires about our own mesh system, Bearifi Edge Mesh, and how it might stack up to the Amazon Eero. Questions like "will your mesh system be compatible with Amazon Echo, or other Amazon devices like Fire and Kindle"?

The good news is Bearifi Edge Mesh is already fully compatible with these devices. The Amazon Echo needs an available Wi-Fi connection to operate at full capacity. But where your smart home really gets a boost is when your entire home network is all on the same subnetwork. This makes using Amazon devices in conjunction with other smart devices like the Nest thermostat, Ring doorbell, or smart lightbulbs all seamless.

With Bearifi Edge Mesh, when you set it up in default router mode, you can have your main AP unit and up to ten satellite units throughout your home or office all on the same subnetwork, making integration of Amazon and other smarthome devices a breeze (you'd need an awfully large home to require ten of our satellites though- just two can cover up to 4200 square feet). 

So there is no need to buy pricier systems to keep using your Amazon devices. In fact, there is an advantage of having Bearifi Edge Mesh instead, and that is speed. In a recent speed test completed by Dong Ngo, a former CNET tech editor and author of the blog, Bearifi Edge Mesh clocked in at 313 mbps in a 40 foot distance speed test while the Eero was at 181 mbps in the same test. That's a speed increase of 73%.

Save money and get better performance with the Bearifi Edge Mesh whole home Wi-Fi system today. And don't worry about your Amazon devices, they will work completely, and faster than before!

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