BearExtender Edge goes live, new product comparison page is up, and we are hiring!

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It's been a busy 2015 here on BearExtender mountain, and we are excited that BearExtender Edge is now available for purchase on our site.

We thank all of you who waited patiently. After announcing the product in March 2014 at the Macworld Expo, we began taking reservations and had several thousand in April alone. As we experienced some production-related delays in the fall we continued to see the reservations pile up, and we began working through the list early in 2015. We had way more reservations than units produced. It has been a good lesson in scaling for us, and we will be integrating what we have learned into future product launches.

To help make it easier for you to decide what type of Wi-Fi product you need, we have also introduced a new product comparison page, which gives a breakdown of our Wi-Fi options and shows how each compares with the others.

Oh, one other thing. Looking for employment opportunities? BearExtender is growing our online team! We are looking for tech savvy individuals to join our team. Send resume and cover letters to

That's all for now, we've got BearExtender Edge orders to fill!

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