BearExtender PC, BearExtender Outdoor Windows 10 update

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Windows 10 is coming July 29th. To keep your BearExtender PC and Outdoor units humming, a driver update is required. If you are dependent on your BearExtender for Internet access and do not have an alternative option, we recommend downloading the update below before updating to Windows 10, as BearExtender PC and Outdoor will not be usable on your computer after Windows 10 is installed until this update application has been installed. You do not need to actually run the downloaded update until after you have finished upgrading to Windows 10.

1. Download this update application.
2. Once downloaded, run the program. You will be prompted to remove the software. This will remove the older software version. When complete, run this same program again to install the most recent version of our software. When prompted during the installation, please select "Install Driver Only" when given a choice of installation type.

Once the install process has completed successfully, reconnect your BearExtender to your PC and try to use it. If you encounter any issue, restart your PC, and then contact our support staff for further assistance.

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