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It's hard to believe BearExtender is almost eight years old. When we started this company, we had an idea for a single product- a Wi-Fi extender that could connect to Macs via USB port, and give better reception in dorm rooms and on the campus of University of California, Berkeley. We named that product "BearExtender", a combination of the school mascot and the fact our product extended range.

By 2010, BearExtender was selling so well, we launched a Microsoft Windows version called BearExtender PC. In the years that followed, we began to launch other products like BearExtender Turbo, which was designed for boosting speed instead of range. We realized then BearExtender was no longer the best name, because it implies range extension, and not all of our products were range extenders. But the name had grown on us, and we kept it as long as we could.

As we increase our product offerings and variations in the years ahead, we have decided to change our name to Bearifi. Bearifi will remain focused on the Wi-Fi industry. We like this choice because we still have our "Bear" identity tracing back to the days at University of California, Berkeley, and we have combined that with our mission of developing different types of products to improve your Wi-Fi.

You will continue to see the BearExtender logo on products for quite some time (when we manufacture items, we do so a long time in advance to ensure there are enough materials for production throughout the year). Eventually the BearExtender logo on new products and manuals will be replaced by our Bearifi logo, although we may still use the BearExtender name in some of our range extender product model names.

We thank all of our customers who have been with us these past eight years, and we look forward to seeing many new and returning faces here at Bearifi in the years ahead.

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