What is going on with the BearExtender Turbo El Capitan driver?

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Edit: beta now available for public download 1/26/16, see here.

Greetings- we know many of you have been patiently waiting for our El Capitan 10.11 update for BearExtender Turbo since November. It is now mid-January and you are wondering if this driver update is ever going to come out? We are getting close.

The main reason for the delay is we have been waiting on a kernel extension update from the chipset maker of our product, which is the only part of the software over which our own programmers cannot control. We did get one in December and hastily put it out there for public download, only to find it wasn't stable.

We do have a new extension as of today and are beginning the test phase here at the BearExtender lab. If things go well, the update will be released publicly next week. If things go poorly, it won't, and we will have to go back to the chipset maker to get yet another fix. But I wanted to provide you all with this update so you would understand we are aware of your need and expectation of a working driver and are doing what we can to that end. We know time is of the essence.

If any of you would like to be beta testers for us, please email support@bearextender.com. Note that beta testing software can in some cases cause system crashes or stop other accessories from working on your Mac until the beta software is removed. Therefore only experienced Mac users should request to be testers.

BearExtender Development Team

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