Heavy Duty 7 dBi Wi-Fi Antenna w/ RP-SMA Extension Cable & Magnet Base for Bearifi PC

  • $32.97

Even More Range

Our heavy duty 7 dBi omni directional Wi-Fi antenna with magnetic base and low-loss shielded extension cable is designed to help you pick up networks from even further away. It features an RP-SMA connector and is compatible with Bearifi PC. It is not compatible with Bearifi Outdoor, Edge Mesh, or Turbo series products.
Please note that 7 dBi gain sensitivity does not mean 3.5X the range compared to a 2 dBi antenna. 
This is because gain ratings are not computed linearly. High gain antennas help you cover more distance in open areas.

Better placement = Better signal 

Place the antenna up to 11 ft away from your BearExtender. A strong magnet in the base allows for easy positioning.


Premium shielded cabling

We use a high grade low loss shielded cable to minimize signal loss along the length of the cables. Thinner cables have significant loss. Our 200 grade shielding is extra thick and shielded to maintain signal quality.

Magnetic base with 11 ft extension cable

Place the antenna around obstructions for better signal strength. Often times the best signal is from a high position off of the ground and other solid objects.

Simply unscrew the antenna from your current BearExtender product and screw on the 11 ft gold colored RP-SMA connector to your BearExtender's antenna port.



No software to install or setup. Simply turn off the power to your BearExtender before changing antennas.

BearExtender PC
BearExtender Edge
BearExtender 1200 for Mac
BearExtender Mini for Mac
BearExtender Original for Mac
BearExtender Outdoor for PC
BearExtender Turbo
Not compatible with BearExtender Turbo/5 GHz.
BearExtender Outdoor for PC has an integrated 10 dBi antenna and no external connector.

Detaches for storage and travel 

Detaches easily for storage and travel. Antenna rotates 360 degrees and bends 45 and 90 degrees at the connector.



Gain 7 dBi
Frequency 2.4 GHz
Connector RP-SMA
Type Omnidirectional
Antenna length (straight) 9 inches
Antenna length (bent) 8.25 inches
Cable length 11 ft (3.5 meters)
Cable type Shielded 200 grade
Base features Magnetic
Base maximum load Supports antennas up to 2 lbs weight


What's included


  • Detachable 7 dBi omnidirectional antenna
  • Magnetic base with 11 ft RP-SMA extension cable

Caution: base contains strong magnet. Some items including computer hard drives and magnetic strips on credit cards can be affected when this base is used nearby. Do not affix base directly to a computer.