Please try these steps. Most issues can be resolved by trying these steps. Thank You.


Step 1: Turn off AirPort (Wi-Fi)

If your Mac has an internal Wi-Fi card, turn it off when using BearExtender.

Step 2: Refresh

Refresh your web browser a few times.

If your Mac has been sleeping, BearExtender takes a few seconds to scan and re-connect.


Step 3: Unplug and Restart

Unplug BearExtender, then restart your Mac.


Step 4: Remove Favorite Networks

If you have created any Favorite Networks, please delete them on the “Favorites” or “Profile” tab.

If not, check your Wi-Fi network password again and try entering it carefully.

Step 5: Rebuild Network Preferences

If you have updated Mac OS X recently, you may need to rebuild your Network Preferences.

Click here to view the steps.

Step 6: Reinstall or update driver

Please try reinstalling the driver, or download the latest version.

Step 7: Change the region setting

Go to the “Preferences/Advanced” tab of the BearExtender window.
Change the region to “CH1-13” then click “Apply”.

Contact Us

We are sorry you are still having problems with your BearExtender.

Please contact us. Our 100% US Base support team is ready to assist.


Replies usually sent within 6-12 hours from our US based support team.

Telephone (800) 348-5146 Open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm Eastern.