Rebuilding Network Preferences on Lion

These steps will rebuild your Network preferences. 

Please write down any special network settings you may have.
Print or download these instructions to your Mac so you can easily reference these steps.

1. Unplug BearExtender's USB cable
2. From the desktop, select "Go" menu > "Computer". Then open your hard drive.

3. Navigate to Library > Preferences > SystemConfiguration
4. Move "preferences.plist" to the trash. Do not empty the trash.
5. Apple Menu > Log Out
6. Log back in

7. Plug in BearExtender's USB cable
8. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Network

9. Click "Location" and select "Edit Location"
10. Click the "+" button and give your current location a name, such as
"Home," then click "Done"

11. Click the "+" button, then select "802.11 n WLAN" as the interface, then click "Create".
12. Click Apply

13. Go to BearExtender Wireless Utility and connect to network
14. After a few moments, you should get a green light in Network Preferences
15. Open your Web browser and try loading a page