Rebuild Network Interface

Plug in BearExtender, then go to Apple Menu > System Preferences, then click “Network


Step 1

Click on "802.11n WLAN" , "USB Ethernet" or "Ethernet Adaptor" in the side bar.

Step 2

Click the "-" (minus) button.

Repeat, removing anything titled "802.11n WLAN, USB Ethernet, or Ethernet Adaptor"


Step 3

Click the "+" (plus) button.


Step 4

Change the "Interface" to "802.11n WLAN" , "USB Ethernet" or "Ethernet Adaptor" and click “create”

Step 5

Click "Apply" in the lower right, then close the window.

Now restart your Mac.


Leopard users: Click on “USB Ethernet” instead of “802.11n WLAN

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