Compare BearExtender Models for Mac OS X

BearExtender 1200 for Mac (Long range)

BearExtender 1200 was our long range USB extender for Macs that was discontinued in 2014. We no longer manufacturer a long range model for Macs.

BearExtender Turbo for Mac (Standard range)

If you have a new 802.11ac router and want to transfer files faster between Macs in your network, or make faster wireless backups to your TimeCapsule, choose BearExtender Turbo. BearExtender Turbo is not a range extender.


Compare BearExtender Models 

BearExtender 1200 (Discontinued)

BearExtender Turbo for Mac (Standard range)

Ideal for fixing weak or low signal strength No 
Built-in high power Wi-Fi amplifier for long range use No 
Ideal for faster wireless backups or transferring large files between Macs No 
Built-in 802.11ac chip for new 802.11ac routers No 


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