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This is the Quick Start Guide included with every Bearifi Edge Mesh 2-pack.


Adding a Satellite

If you already own a Bearifi Edge Mesh network, adding a Satellite unit is easy. Just follow the steps in this guide:

Adding a Satellite


Slow throughput or speed

  1. Change locations- Satellites can be several rooms apart. If they are too close together, the coverage area may be too small. But if they are too far apart, they may not communicate with each other well and speed can be slow. Try relocating your main Bearifi Edge Mesh AP or Satellite units to see which locations work best.
  2. Add another Satellite to your network. Bearifi Edge Mesh 2-pack can cover up to 4200 square feet when extending an existing router. If you have a lot of walls or obstacles in your home, or are using Bearifi Edge Mesh AP as your main router, you may need another Satellite or two to increase coverage.
  3. Be conscious that Wi-Fi signals mostly travel horizontal. If you are trying to send signal up or down stairs/floors, you may need additional Satellite units near stair cases. Mesh networks work best on the same floor.
  4. Use a UL approved electrical extension cord and place your Satellite units further up in the air and/or move them further away from crowded locations. Never cover Satellite units with papers or put books or other obstacles up next against them, as this will weaken signal. Satellite units should be in free and open areas.
  5. Contact our support team for further assistance.


Factory Reset Steps

  1. Reset needs to be done only on the Bearifi Edge Mesh AP (not the Satellites). Using a pen or non metallic object, press and hold the reset button underneath the power switch for 10 seconds until the lights begin flashing in a different pattern.
  2. Bearifi Edge Mesh AP will now restart. This takes about 60 seconds.
  3. While waiting, turn off your computer's internal Wi-Fi card or restart your computer
  4. After 60 seconds, turn on your computer's internal Wi-Fi card.
  5. Scan for the Bearifi WiFi network.
  6. The Bearifi Edge Mesh AP will now be just like new with no password protection and is all ready for setup.
  7. Satellite units generally do not need factory reset, however if a Satellite is not working, follow these same steps to reset it. If your Satellite is no longer recognized by your Bearifi Edge Mesh AP (flashes red for more than 180 seconds after power up), you may need to add your Satellite back to your Bearifi Edge Mesh AP device following these steps.


How do I upgrade Bearifi Edge Mesh firmware?

  1. There is no update available currently.
  2. Contact our support if your problem persists.