BearExtender Edge Support

 Get support for your BearExtender Edge Plug-in High Power Universal Wi-Fi Extender

Quick Start Guide

This is the Quick Start Guide included with every BearExtender Edge.

The cover of this booklet contains your unique BearExtender Edge network name and password. 

Setup video




I am unable to access the BearExtender Edge window (Initial setup)

  1. Verify your computer's internal Wi-Fi card is connected to BearExtender Edge. 
  2. Your BearExtender Edge's network name and password is printed on the cover of the Quick Start Guide.
  3. If your computer has an ethernet cable, unplug it.
  4. Quit and reopen your browser, then type in
  5. If you are still unable to load the page, try typing in
  6. Unplug and plug BearExtender into a different electrical outlet closer to you

My network does not appear in the BearExtender window

  1. To scan again, click the small rescan button under the list of networks. See image at right
  2. Try plugging BearExtender Edge into a different outlet (including another outlet in a nearby room). Pick an outlet that is not obstructed.
  3. Do not plug BearExtender Edge in the same room as the router.
  4. Use a UL approved electrical extension cord and place BearExtender Edge as high up as possible off the ground.


“Connection timeout” error, I cannot join my network

  1. Double check your router's Wi-Fi password for any upper case or lower case letters.
  2. The password must match exactly
  3. Refresh the BearExtender setup page a few times. 
  4. Unplug and plug BearExtender Edge back in.
  5. Wait 60 seconds after plugging in BearExtender Edge before connecting again


Slow throughput or  speed

  1. Try enabling Power Boost
  2. From the BearExtender page, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Boost
  3. Move BearExtender Edge to another electrical outlet
  4. Try a different antenna position.
  5. If the antenna was pointing straight up (recommended for most situations), try pointing the antenna horizontally.
  6. Use a UL approved electrical extension cord and place BearExtender Edge as high off the ground as possible.
  7. Consider using a larger Wi-Fi antenna. Contact for recommendations.


Unable to print, scan or use AirPlay over the network

  1. Try enabling Compatibility Mode on the Advanced Settings page.
  2. From the BearExtender setup page click Settings
  3. Then click "Advanced settings"
  4. Place a check mark next to Compatibility mode, then click "Apply"


I enabled compatibility mode, how do I access the BearExtender setup page again?

  1. When compatibility mode is enabled, you can no longer use or
  2. Your router will pick an IP address and assign it to BearExtender Edge.
  3. Mac users: Download LanScan (free) to find out BearExtender Edge's new IP Address
  4. Windows users: Download Advanced IP Scanner.
  5. Email for further instructions.


I forgot my BearExtender Edge password, how do I reset it?

  1. Using a pen or non metallic object, press and hold the reset button on the left side for 5 seconds
  2. BearExtender Edge will now restart. This takes about 45 seconds.
  3. While waiting, turn off your computer's internal Wi-Fi card
  4. After 45 seconds, turn on your computer's internal Wi-Fi card.
  5. Scan for BearExtender####.
  6. The numbers will match the network name on the cover of the Quick Start Guide
  7. If you are able to connect, we recommend to re-enable security on your BearExtender Edge from the settings page.
  8. We recommend using “WPA 2 Personal” encryption.


How do I upgrade BearExtender's firmware?

  1. There is no update available currently.
  2. Contact if your problem persists.