BearExtender and iPad/iPhone

Regarding BearExtender and iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch compatibility

Many have asked us about using BearExtender to increase Wi-Fi range of iPad and iOS devices.

At this time, BearExtender cannot be used directly with these devices. This is because iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch do not have a standard USB port.

The Good News

It is possible to use BearExtender in conjunction with a nearby Mac to re-broadcast a Wi-Fi signal for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This is done using 'HotSpot mode'. Please see the video below for more details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make our own type of dock connector?

Yes, but the power limit imposed by Apple would still prevent BearExtender from working.

Can we make an external power supply for BearExtender?

In theory yes, but the iPad is a mobile device- as is BearExtender- so doing this would be counter-productive.

Will Apple increase the output over the USB connector kit?

We do not know. Doing so does mean using external USB devices would drain the battery faster. But users determine when to connect and disconnect external devices based on their need for them, so users would still be in control of battery life. 

We are looking at other ways to power future versions of BearExtender so that they may work with portable devices that provide minimal power over USB. 

In the meantime, BearExtender can be used with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and later.