BearExtender Turbo: Blue LED does not turn on

This page applies to BearExtender Turbo only


When BearExtender is plugged in, there is no blue LED.



1. Make sure to plug BearExtender Turbo directly into a USB port on the side or back of your Mac.

Do not plug BearExtender Turbo into a USB hub as this may not provide enough power.


2. Confirm you have restarted your Mac after installing the BearExtender Turbo driver.

Download the latest driver here.


3. Try another USB port or USB cable.

We recommend to use the USB cable included with BearExtender Turbo.

If you have another USB cable, please try it.


If you still have problems

Please email with the subject "Blue LED".

We can then determine if your your BearExtender Turbo USB cable needs to be replaced free of charge under warranty.