BearExtender Edge Long Range Single Point (non-Mesh) Wi-Fi Repeater with RP-SMA Antenna

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BearExtender Edge is our first generation standalone Wi-Fi repeater. It is great for homes where you need single-point extension, place at the edge of where reception is good, and it broadcasts a new network onward for additional coverage. It is not a component of our newly launched Bearifi Edge Mesh Wi-Fi system. Our Bearifi Edge Mesh is a more robust Wi-Fi extension system and is a better option for multi-point range extension.

Easily extend your in-home Wi-Fi coverage. BearExtender Edge is a plug-in Wi-Fi repeater designed to extend your Wi-Fi network to areas of weak coverage and dead spots in your home.

How it Works

BearExtender Edge extends the range of your router. Plug it in at the "Edge" of the network where signals are weak.

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Nothing to Install

Choose which network to extend directly from your web browser with the simple one-screen setup. Configure directly on your tablet, phone, or computer. No software installation needed. 

Select the network you want to extend, enter the password, and click Join. Within moments you have extended your network to all nearby Wi-Fi enabled devices. The configuration process only needs to be done once on a single device.


Device compatibility

  • Mac (notebook and desktops)
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Microsoft Windows devices
  • Android devices
  • WPA Networks only (not compatible with obsolete WEP standard)

Compatible with any computer, tablet, or cell phone with an internal Wi-Fi card.

May not be configurable on Smart TVs or game consoles, but once configured on another device those devices can benefit from the Wi-Fi range extension of BearExtender Edge.

Router compatibility

BearExtender Edge is designed to extend a personal home router. Not designed for use with municipal/public hotspots or hotel Wi-Fi which may have strict security requirements or network level blocks designed to prevent repeaters like BearExtender Edge from working.

Not compatible with WPA Enterprise (802.1X) networks and older 1999 based WEP networks. WEP is obsolete and no longer secure. if you have been using WEP on your router for a long time, we recommend updating your router settings from WEP to WPA or WPA 2 Personal. Our support team can help you adjust your router settings. All modern routers support WPA via settings change.


Plug into a standard US electrical outlet

Plugs BearExtender Edge near or in the room where you have weak Wi-Fi.


The external antenna picks up your router’s Wi-Fi signal stronger than most tablets and computers. A second hidden antenna behind the BearExtender logo creates a new extended hotspot to which your computer or mobile device can connect.


External Antenna

BearExtender Edge features an external, adjustable antenna. Standard repeaters use internal antennas only.

The antenna detaches easily when traveling. BearExtender Edge uses an industry standard RP-SMA antenna port for easy upgrading to larger antennas.


Ethernet bridge

If you have an Ethernet-only device like a video game console, you can connect a Ethernet cable from that device to BearExtender Edge's Ethernet port after you have configured BearExtender Edge. This will allow an Ethernet-only device to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

The Ethernet port is for Ethernet bridge function only. BearExtender Edge is not a standalone router. A modem Ethernet cable cannot be plugged into this port.


Compact design

With minimum size and maximum power, BearExtender Edge is great on the road or anywhere you need better Wi-Fi.

Unit measures 3.5 x 2.75 inches. Pen not included, shown for scale only. 


Technical Specifications

  • High power 700mW amplifier
  • High sensitivity -96 dBm receiver
  • Detachable 2 dBi gain antenna RP-SMA antenna port for easy upgrading
  • 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz, up to 300 Mbps
  • 10/100 Ethernet port, bridge mode only



Electrical Specifications

  • Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output: 5V 2000mA (10W)
  • Non-polarized plug Plugs into any standard two prong U.S. style outlet


What's included in the box

  • BearExtender Edge
  • Detachable 2 dBi antenna
  • Quick Start guide
  • No software to install



A Quick Start Guide is included in the box with every BearExtender:

Setup video


BearExtender Edge Frequently asked questions

  •  What is the range of BearExtender Edge?
    • Every Wi-Fi situation is different and unique. In general, if your computer or mobile device's internal Wi-Fi card can at least pick up the signal faintly, then BearExtender Edge has a good chance to help you extend your range. 
    • If you cannot pick up the signal at all at your current location, then BearExtender Edge will probably not be suitable for your needs.
    • Please email us at before you purchase and we will be happy to help determine if BearExtender Edge would be a good fit for your range needs.
  • Where do I plug-in BearExtender Edge?
    • Plug BearExtender Edge near or in the room where you have weak Wi-Fi. BearExtender will then pick it up using its stronger antenna and Wi-Fi amplifier. Then BearExtender Edge will create a new stronger hotspot for your nearby Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • What is the setup process like?
    • You can view the setup booklet here.
    • You can also watch the getting started video which shows the complete setup process.
    • We have simplified and automated as many steps as possible to make BearExtender Edge setup as quick and easy as possible.
    • The basic setup process is:
      1. Plug in BearExtender Edge into an electrical outlet near the place you need better Wi-Fi
      2. From your computer, tablet or smart phone scan for the BearExtender Edge network
      3. Use the pre-configured network name and password printed on the sticker and quick start guide.
      4. Open if it does not load automatically
      5. Select which network you want to extend, enter your network password and click Join.
  • What is the return policy for BearExtender Edge?
    • BearExtender Edge can be returned for refund within 45 days from the date of purchase. Shipping fees are not refundable. More information.
  • Does BearExtender work with OS X Yosemite and iOS devices such as iOS 8?
    • Yes, because BearExtender Edge does not require installing any software, it is compatible with a wide range of computers and Wi-Fi enabled devices including OS X Yosemite and iOS 8
  • What is the Ethernet port on the side of BearExtender Edge for?
    • If you have a device that does not have a built-in WiFi card such as an older Smart TV that only has Ethernet, you can plug in an Ethernet cable between BearExtender Edge and the Ethernet device after you have configured BearExtender Edge. BearExtender Edge will then provide Internet access to the Ethernet device. This is called an Ethernet Bridge.
  • How do I get a BearExtender Edge?
    • Sign up for the notification list at the top right section of this page.
    • You will be notified when BearExtender Edge is available for purchase.
    • There is no estimated availability date.
  • How much will BearExtender Edge cost?
    • Sign up for the notification list for information on pricing. Subscribers on the notification list may receive special launch pricing.
  • Why is BearExtender Edge only available for sale to U.S. addresses?
    • BearExtender Edge is currently only FCC certified for sale and use within the United States. Every country has rules and regulations that require additional certification before BearExtender Edge can be sold and used those locations. Some rules and regulations may require hardware changes. During the initial launch, we are focused on the US. We do not have plans to certify BearExtender Edge for other countries at the current time.
  • What is the difference with between BearExtender Edge and Apple AirPort Express?
    • AirPort Express uses a basic power amplifier. It does not have a high power amplifier or external antenna. AirPort Express must also be configured by downloading AirPort Utility while BearExtender Edge requires no software to install. BearExtender Edge is designed purely to extend Wi-Fi range while AirPort Express is a multi-function designed that is not optimized solely for range improvement as BearExtender Edge is.
  • Can I use BearExtender Edge outside?
    • BearExtender Edge is designed for indoor residential usage. It is not recommended for outdoor use or in commercial or industrial environment. BearExtender Edge is not weather or water resistant.
  • Does BearExtender Edge work with Microsoft Windows and Android devices?
    • Yes, because BearExtender Edge does not require installing any software, it is compatible with Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Android and other devices that have standard Wi-Fi certified equipment. BearExtender Edge has it's own onboard CPU, memory and flash storage. No software needs to be installed, the BearExtender interface opens in your web browser including on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Is BearExtender Edge compatible with my router?
    • BearExtender Edge is designed to extend a personal home router. Not designed for use with municipal/public hotspots which may have strict security requirements. Not compatible with WPA Enterprise (802.1X) networks and older 1999 based WEP networks.
    • We recommend updating your router settings from WEP to WPA or WPA 2 Personal. Our support team can help you adjust your router settings.
  • I have additional questions, how to I contact BearExtender?


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