Bearifi Edge Mesh Whole Home 802.11ac Wi-Fi AC1200 Dual Band 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz Smart Wi-Fi System 2-pack

  • $129.97

Bearifi Edge Mesh is a revolutionary new dual band, dual mode, high speed 802.11ac Mesh Wi-Fi system featuring Smart Connect AI that gives your devices the best network performance possible .

Bearifi Edge Mesh in the news: Bearifi Edge Mesh speeds past the competition

How it works

Bearifi Edge Mesh 2-pack comes with one Bearifi Edge Mesh AP Router and one Satellite. The AP Router is your mission control. This is the device you configure, and then it sends signal to the Satellite (additional satellites available for purchase).

The First Dual Mode, Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System

Wi-Fi Extender Mode: In Wi-Fi Extender mode, you can repeat an existing Wi-Fi signal from your current router or modem. It extends Wi-Fi already in your home so you need fewer Mesh units for more coverage. In this mode, BeariFi Edge Mesh creates a separate Wi-Fi network called "Bearifi" that broadcasts in your home. You can change the network name to match your home network if you want to roam between your router and the Bearifi devices.

Router Mode: If you wish to replace your existing router, or want all devices on your home to be part of the same IP chain, you can set up the Bearifi Mesh AP Router in router mode. It will send signal to all satellites on the network with automatic roaming.

Bearifi Edge Mesh can be quickly configured using any device with a web browser, no need to download an app to your phone. Easily extend your Bearifi Edge Mesh system further by adding a low-cost Satellite expansion pack.

After you configure your Bearifi Edge Mesh AP Router, plug in your Bearifi Edge Mesh Satellite elsewhere in the home, and the satellite and the AP Router will immediately begin communicating and extending the signal without any further configuration. Bearifi Edge Mesh 2 pack can cover up to a 4200 sq ft single story home if using in conjunction with an existing router. If you need to send signal upstairs or to a side building like a garage, an additional satellite or two may be necessary. We keep our satellites priced low so that you can keep extending your signal without extending your budget.

Smart Connect AI & Beamforming 

Bearifi Edge Mesh uses proprietary receiving technology with high output power for long range 802.11ac Wi-Fi coverage. Our special Smart Connect artificial intelligence determines on what band to place your devices at different distances to ensure the best performance as you get closer or further away from Bearifi Edge Mesh units.

Using Beamforming technology, Bearifi Edge Mesh can intuitively send signals directly toward connected devices, unlike standard extenders that send out reception in a circular pattern no matter when your devices are located. This allows for better penetration of obstacles and interference. 

TouchLink innovation & LED control

Our innovative touch feature allows you to share network access with friends and family with a simple touch to the top of the router. This allows guests to connect to the network without needing a password, while keeping it secure.

Plan to put a satellite in your TV or theater room and don't want the LED light to appear? Simply turn it off in the control panel, and you won't see any light coming from your satellite.


Bearifi Edge Mesh is universally compatible with any Wi-Fi enabled device including the newest smart TVs, refrigerators, and even Amazon's Echo products. Configuration requires a device with standard web browser (such as PC, Mac, Android device, iPhone, or iPad). Once configured, any Wi-Fi enabled device can connect to get Internet, including video game systems, DVRs, and streaming media players.

Bearifi Edge Mesh AP Router and Satellite units also have Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet ports for any LAN devices in your home or office.

(our second generation Satellites will not have Bear logo on top)

Adding on to your Bearifi Edge Mesh network is easy. When you order a new Satellite to pair with your existing Bearifi Edge Mesh network, even if it is not at the same time as you order your Mesh 2-pack, all you need to do is add a number printed on the bottom of the satellite inside your main Bearifi Edge Mesh setup area. Full instructions are included. You can operate up to 10 Satellites with one Bearifi Edge Mesh network. However most users will have more than enough coverage with our 2-pack and possibly one extra Satellite unit.

How many Satellites will you need? Bearifi Edge Mesh AP + Satellite 2 pack comes with one AP (router) and one Satellite. Most users will need just one 2-pack set. The Bearifi Edge Mesh AP should be placed somewhere in the middle area of your home. Some users with larger homes or Florida rooms may need an extra satellite unit. If your home has 2-3 stories you may also need 1-2 extra Satellite units as Wi-Fi signals do not transmit as well up or down. All satellites communicate directly with the Bearifi Edge Mesh AP, so you cannot chain satellites to cover an infinite distance.