Having trouble using a BearExtender Turbo on Mac OS 10.11 or newer? Disable SIP protection

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Mac OS 10.11 and newer versions include a feature called SIP protection. It is enabled by default. Apple's official explanation is that it makes your computer safer by not allowing programs access to certain folders on the Mac.

One of those folders is the extensions folder, which is where a lot of 3rd party software must install extensions in order for their apps to work. Apple says those app developers can put their app into the app store instead. But they don't allow software driver programs for 3rd party hardware in the app store.

The workaround to this, so you can use your BearExtender Turbo or other BearExtender products on Mac is to just disable SIP protection. First uninstall any BearExtender software that you have already installed.

1. Click the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen.
2. Select Restart...
3. Hold down Command key and R key to boot into the Recovery System.
4. Click the Utilities menu and select Terminal.
5. Type csrutil disable and press return.
6. Close the Terminal app.
7. Click the Apple menu and select Restart.

Now install the BearExtender Turbo software, and when complete you will be able to use your Turbo on your Mac.

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