Bearifi debuts Long Range Whole Home Mesh WiFi system that integrates with existing 802.11ac routers

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11/14/18- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- Bearifi USA is excited to announce the launch of the Bearifi Edge Mesh Whole Home AC1200 Wi-Fi System, the first of its kind that lets you extend signal from an existing Wi-Fi router. If you already own an expensive 802.11ac or gaming Wi-Fi router, you don’t have to replace it just to set up a mesh network.

The drawback to major brand mesh systems is they require you replace your existing router. Bearifi Edge Mesh comes in a 2-pack with 1 AP (router) and 1 Satellite expansion unit with a special default extension mode that let’s you repeat an existing Wi-Fi signal. Additional Satellites are available for purchase for a low cost. Don’t have a router, or looking to upgrade from an older one? No problem, Bearifi Edge Mesh AP has a router mode that serves as a full AC1200 802.11ac Wi-Fi router complete with Gigabit Ethernet ports, with easy setup to an existing cable or DSL modem.

Bearifi Edge Mesh features more than ten years of award-winning BearExtender™ Wi-Fi range boosting technology, including a special QuadXT™ dual band 2.4/5 GHz antenna layout that provides for maximum coverage with a minimal number of mesh units. BearExtender™ technology was developed in 2008 and launched in 2009 in a popular USB Wi-Fi range extender for Macs, and later PCs. The original “BearExtender” won critical acclaim in Engadget, TUAW, PC Magazine, and CBS News, among others. The company was renamed Bearifi last year as they grew to offer Wi-Fi products that went beyond just range extension. BearExtender™ technology is in use in governments, schools, and military facilities around the world. With Bearifi Edge Mesh Whole Home Wi-Fi, you can add up to ten satellite expansion units, though most homes will need just the standard two-pack, and possibly one or two more satellites for homes or areas exceeding 4200 square feet.

Bearifi Edge Mesh uses beamforming smart technology, a special type of transmission pattern that targets connected devices rather than just sending out WiFi in a circular pattern like conventional Wi-Fi routers. It also features special Media Prioritization technology which allows you to prioritize and assign bandwidth to the devices that need it the most. Place the Bearifi Edge Mesh AP two to three rooms away from your main router, and place your satellite unit further away in your home to extend coverage. Add extra satellites where needed, such as at the bottom of stairs or on a back covered porch, or boost your streaming speed by putting one in your living room.

At the time of publication, Bearifi Edge Mesh AC1200 Whole Home Wi-Fi System 2-pack AP and Satellite retails for just $139.97 with extra satellites only $69.97. It is available online at and at with Prime shipping. Email with any additional questions.

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